Quality Care for Toddlers at Eltham Learning Centre

Our Terrific Toddlers

2 to 3 years of age
The first five years of a child’s life are critical when forming the foundation of their learning process. At Eltham Learning Centre, this key understanding of how your child’s mind is shaped by the world around them is evident in the learning that takes place in our toddler room.

A wide range of experiences, including nature and loose parts play, form the basis of our educational pedagogy within this space. A hands-on learning approach allows toddlers to gain confidence and move independently as they explore the world around them. Our wealth of resources really sets us apart from other centres and we love finding new and creative ways to add to our programs.

Nappies and food are provided at Eltham Learning Centre and we will support your efforts when it comes time to toilet training. We work in conjunction with our parents to ensure that we offer the highest quality care in a supportive, nurturing environment.

Our activities are stimulating while providing space for quiet times. Children will work and play together as a whole group with careful, considered support from their educators. We ensure that our communication with parents is regular and open – it is important to us that you have a full picture of your child’s learning journey. Educators in the toddler room are professional and well-equipped to offer the very highest quality of care as they adapt their program to suit the needs and interests of the children. The toddler room is the home of engaging, exciting and educational activities that prepare the children for their transition into kindergarten.


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