Quality Care for Students at Eltham Learning Centre

Our Kindergarten / Preschool Room

3 to 5 years of age
At Eltham Learning Centre, we firmly believe that kindergarten is not just about preparation for a formal school environment. It is a key point in the lives of our children to explore passions, engage in new learning experiences and to develop their relationships with others as they learn and grow within a supportive structure.

Kindergarten is a time of growth. It’s a time to test boundaries, experiment with materials and learning and to develop a sense of identity and place. Our high quality, professional team work hard to make sure that this vital time before the commencement of formal schooling is one that is spent wisely. Programs are carefully tailored to meet (and exceed) educational standards as well as focus on the interests that our kindergarten children are passionate about.

Our outdoor and green space area invites messy, experimental play that involves safe risk taking in order to help children understand the world around them, as well as their place in their community. Eltham Learning Centre works with children to not only help them get ready for the world of schooling but to assist them to confidently form their own identities.

Meals are provided at Eltham Learning Centre and we allow our children to have quiet time during the day so they can take a break from their busy learning lives. We work together with parents in an open and transparent way to ensure that each and every child is on the right path towards a future of lifelong learning.


1304 Main Rd
Eltham, Victoria, 3095
Open 5 Days: 7am-6pm

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