Our Teaching and Learning Philosophy

At Eltham Learning Centre For Children, we have created a welcoming, caring and nurturing environment that is focused on ensuring that every child is celebrated. We are passionate about what we do. We provide our families with best practice care that is of a high quality that meets and exceeds national standards.

We firmly believe in, and support, our educators as professionals who have the best interests of every child at heart. Our educators create innovative, unique and age appropriate activities and learning experiences that involve each child at a holistic level. We employ positive role models who regularly attend professional development and training sessions in order to expand their considerable knowledge base and keep up to date with pedagogical developments.

Our curriculum planning aims to support, stimulate and challenge each child as a lifelong learner, be it individually or as part of a group. Our children’s ideas and individuality are recognised and form an integral part of how we address the national standards for early years learning. Our routines and programs respond to the needs of our children and are constantly improving as we travel on the learning journey together.

At Eltham Learning Centre, we are a family. The development of respectful, caring and loving relationships between educators and children is paramount to our success as a learning centre for children. Children thrive on warm, positive interactions with their educators and this is an element of the provision of care that we hold close to our hearts. We believe that every individual needs to feel like they belong, feel valued and respected and be encouraged to be themselves. All educators at our centre work hard to create a ‘home away from home’ for your children.

Respect of difference underpins our philosophy of teaching and learning. We celebrate cultural diversity and ensure that children (and educators) in our centre are treated equally whilst acknowledging the cultural identities of all our families. We invite families to share their culture, beliefs and experiences with us so that we may grow and expand our understandings of difference. We encourage feedback and ideas as to how we can grow our curriculum to support and guide all our children.

Here at Eltham Learning Centre, we support our children to develop self-help skills. This is reflected in our everyday routine and includes toileting, mealtimes, dressing and sleep times. We ask our parents to keep us informed on their own child’s development and interests so we may continue to work with them whilst they in our care.

We make learning fun! Children learn best through play and require an environment that is based on open-ended, inquiry-based learning. We encourage all areas of interest and shape learning scenarios that allow the children to grow and learn with the support of our professional educators. We aim to create an environment that is fulfilling and enriching wherein education, development and self-esteem are cornerstones to the delivery of successful and high-quality learning programs.

We would love to have your child as part of our family. Follow this link to arrange a tour of our impressive learning environments.


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